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We can provide a cost effective option to importing time critical and non time critical cargo, including small parcels to large single shipments. Cat Express Parcels has access to a team of Customs experts qualified to process the Customs clearance of all shipments being imported into the UK. We ensure your goods travel smoothly through the UK Customs process, which can be fraught with delays and frustrations for the uninitiated. Our established worldwide network of international agents enable us to import to the UK from almost anywhere in the world. Auto tracking and cargo consolidation allow us to provide customers with the most efficient and cost effective road, sea or airfreight import service available.

Duty & Taxes

It is important that as an importer you know whether you have to pay import VAT and duty on your goods before they can be cleared for entry into the UK

Import Duty
Imports may be liable to duty, depending on the classification of goods and where they come from. You can pay a reduced or zero rate of import duty on imports of certain goods from some countries, though there may be a limited annual quota. You usually need to provide documentary proof showing where the imports originated from.

VAT is charged on goods imported from outside the EU at the same rate as if you bought the goods in the UK. VAT-registered businesses can reclaim the VAT as imput tax in the same way as VAT is paid on UK purchases. You will also have to pay VAT on any import duty.

Temporary Imports
If you're importing certain goods from outside the EU temporarily - that is, you intend to re-export them within 6 months - you can use Temporary Importation (TI) to obtain total or partial relief from import duties. If you import goods temporarily but then for whatever reason choose to put them into free circulation in the UK, you will have to pay duty, import VAT and compensatory interest for certain types of goods.