Welcome to Dangerous & Hazardous Goods

Dangerous & hazadous goods transport is a highly regulated form of movement and Cat Express Parcels have a number of partner specialists for the carriage of your hazardous consignments whether shipped by road, sea or air.

Examples of dangerous goods are:-

Dry Ice
Flammable liquids
Lithium Batteries
Nail Polish
Non water based Paint
Plus many more.

Please forward us your material safety data sheet and we will advise all options and requirements.

For further information on dangerous and hazardous goods movement please email Stuart Taylor

Do you know what is Hazardous?

Do you have a qualified Dangerous goods Safety Advisor?

Do you know the dangerous goods category of your product?

Do you know the segregation requirements?

Do you know what documentation is required?

Do you understand the rules on limited quantities (LQ)?

If you answer no to all of the above, Cat Express Parcels can help and will provide you with the best transport options to suit your budget and timescale.


Warning for those who choose to ignore the regulations in place to move dangerous goods.

Please note, as the shipper, you are responsible to identify, classify, package, label and complete all DG documentation according to all national and international governmental regulations. Failure to do so could create dangerous conditions and will result in the shipper being subject to fines or imprisonment or both under applicable law.